Police Megaphone

The Blue Ocean police megaphone is a commercial grade police bullhorn that features the highest quality materials and workmanship on the market today.  Made in America and featuring a 5 year warranty, the police megaphone from Blue Ocean Megaphones is the ideal police megaphone for law enforcement, the military and athletes.

In order to be effective in the field, a police megaphone needs to be durable, feature-rich and reliable.  The police megaphone from Blue Ocean Megaphones provides voice projection that makes it easy to be heard, in any conditions.  Built to stand up well to daily use and tough environments, this is one police megaphone that truly helps members of law enforcement do their jobs, by providing strong, crystal clear voice amplification and sounds that get people’s attention. Police Megaphone

Designed for use in crowd control, training exercises and any other situation which requires reliable voice amplification, the Blue Ocean police megaphone delivers every time.  The police bullhorn is waterproof, extremely drop resistant and includes a long-lasting rechargeable battery, making it perfect for use in the field at a moment’s notice.  No more lugging around a heavy battery pack or replacing expensive batteries, as this megaphone’s rechargeable battery is long lasting and won’t weigh you down.

The Blue Ocean police megaphone has some incredible features for members of law enforcement, including:

  • Siren and horn button offers loud alerts to get people’s attention in a crowd or from a distance
  • Large, easily accessible volume dial for quick adjustments
  • Removable, compact battery which eliminates the need for replacing batteries after each use
  • Protective bumper for added shock absorption and protection from drops
  • Optimal shape designed for the loudest, clearest sound

Originally developed for the rowing community, the Blue Ocean Megaphone was designed to hold up under the most extreme conditions, with a waterproof, durable design.  The police megaphone is the perfect choice for use in law enforcement, as it is highly dependable option will last through years of training exercises, crowd management tasks and emergency situations where voice application is a must-have.
When it comes to law enforcement, having high quality equipment is key.  The police megaphone from Blue Ocean Megaphones combines professional grade materials with expert design to result in a police bullhorn that can survive years of drops, bumps and other accidents without sacrificing sound quality or volume.  When getting the right police megaphone is more important than saving a few dollars, the Blue Ocean Megaphone is a solid option that won’t let your department down.

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